Thursday, November 6, 2008

how the wu-tang clan changed my feet forever

in high school (and today) one of my favorite albums was/is the wu-tang forever album. i had almost all of it memorized and to this day, i tend to randomly repeat some of the lyrics. about four years ago, i was repeating one of the talking parts on the album. i am not sure who it is speaking, but there are a few lines where they are mocking someone. it goes something like this:

what's up with your Speak-N-Spell shoes
Fisher Price my first Timberlands
you gotta get some chuckas, fucka

at the moment i was at work, and someone in the room was attempting to win an ebay auction. so when they asked what "chuckas" were, i did an ebay search to try to explain, and much to my surprise, the best. most comfortable, warmest, loveliest, made-for-my-feet-by-magical-elves shoes came up(they were still new in the box!). three hours later, no one else had bid, so i won the right to buy them for only six dollars and ninety-nine cents (plus probably like ten dollars shipping, but who's counting). the second they arrived on my doorstep, it was love.

i LOVE these shoes. and they have loved me for so long. because i have worn them just about every day for the past three or four falls and winters and most of the springs too, they are starting to fall apart a bit. i have searched and searched for the past three years for another pair, to no avail. each year, companies tend to change their styles just a bit, and though they have similar styles, nothing compares. they are seriously the warmest most comfortable shoes (they have magical pillows inside that happen to cushion my arches perfectly), and the best part is, they kind of make me feel like i have deer hooves.

they are made by a company called bjorn (there is an umlaut over the "o", but i do not know how to type that). if anyone ever ever sees them in a size 36, please please please tell me where and i will reward you with pies and sewings and small happy gifts forever and ever.

the photos were taken by manny, the first time we hung out on purpose. if you look at the second one, you can see that i am turning my feet almost backwards. that's my party trick.


Nellie and Neo said...

Your shoes are fab and look great with thick tights. I want some :-)

Kristi said...

Have you tried Born shoes? Check them out on ebay!

two 'lil weeds mama said...

hmm.. can plz you snap a closer picture of them. i see Björn shoes when i look 'em up via google. i wonder if in the US they changed their name to Born? Just a thought.

Keeping my eyes open for you ~ found some similar, but not 'them'.

here's a comparison shot from your photos w/ what i found:

i know yours do not have the extra design in them as these, but thought i'd send anyhow:

these look a bit closer, but not the redish brown color and not the same brand:

Hmmm, no wonder your stumped. can a shoemaker fix 'em?

two 'lil weeds mama said...

oops, that last link did not go thru as it was supposed to,

Auditions Women's Victoria Chukka
Style No. : 136406 @

& these

Born Irene Womens Color: Bedspoke Style: DW61361 @

sorry for the length of these 2 comments

Anonymous said...

Was searching that chukka line from Forever and came across this page. Good looks. It's still my favorite album too.

Quilting_Imperfections said...

hahaha try urban dictionary dot com

"chuckas" Chuck Taylor Converse all Stars....