Saturday, October 11, 2008


i just wanted to share a bit more excitement with you. some very sweet and very talented folks have been spreading the word about me and making me smile huge smiles...

thank you danni of ohhellofriend, who took the time to write about her madebyhank zipper purse (and even took pretty photos!), even though she is busy getting ready for a big trip.

thank you marisa of creativethursday, who made a dinosaur painting inspired by the tag i made for the bag she recently purchased from me.

thank you valerie of fancyfrills

thank you katie of theconstantgatherer

and thank you to all the folks who sent me messages and screenshots to let me know that one of my bags were
included in another front page treasury on etsy. (that's the forest-loves-olive tote, in the center of the top row)

i have been swimming in a sea of fabric and would not have otherwise known. thank you everyone. my head is still kind of spinning over the fact that folks are as excited about the things that i sew as i am to sew them.

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Anonymous said...

you're so very welcome and YAY for you!! :) ~ still LOVING my bag every day....