Thursday, October 30, 2008

i just hope that voting is real this year...

in the spirit of [good] change (i think we can all agree this country is in serious need), get inspired and get out and vote!

you can vote however you like, via nowvoyager.

EDIT: please read valerie's post. i was having trouble figuring just what to write about the election without stirring up too much debate via blog comments. each time i tried to type something, it was coming out as angry and/or sarcastic and mostly i blog about my sewings, and was not sure how to go about potentially offending customers. she says it all so well. seriously, folks. please make the right choice.


lover mother said...

katie, that video is amazing! thanks for sharing!

Kasey Spain said...

Katie! this has absolutely nothing to do with the video...but i wanted to tell you! Manda and I just spend the last 10 minutes screaming about how cute her diaper bag is! really, you would have thought we were 2 little girls hyped up on sugary goodness at a slumber party. her bag could not BE cuter! we LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! job well done!! tell me why arent you famous yet for these amazing bags of cuteness? seriously. ok thats enough craziness from me. thanks again for making all our purse dreams come true ;)