Monday, October 6, 2008

quite a few clutches...

as you may have noticed, i have been quite a delinquent blogger lately. i have been busy trying to restock my etsy shop an also complete a few special orders and a wholesale order. things have been very busy in the very best possible way!

we photographed some new clutches last night and they are waiting for you in the shop. lots of pretty florals and wools and some great fall colors. and, of course, lots of buttons.

also, i was recently kicked off of flickr, so if we were contacts before, please find me again. i am new to the internet world, and i did not know that you were not allowed to use the word "etsy" in your tags and titles and such. well, i had used it in every single photo, so they promptly deleted me. my new flickr is hankthetank.


valerie said...

those are so beautiful! i love your work.


i cannot believe you were kicked off of flickr for using the word etsy! i've been using flickr for a very long time and i had no idea that "etsy" was prohibited. what a stupid rule. thanks for the warning--i'm sorry you had to learn the hard way.

katie henry said...

thanks valerie! i love your work also!

i think you are not allowed to use "etsy" because you are not allowed to sell anything through flickr, and i suppose technically that is selling something through flickr.