Friday, October 10, 2008

four hundred and thirty-eight reasons why i am happy today

ever since my hair has started to really grow back (i shaved my head again in late january of this year and am just at the point of a nubby "ponytail"), i have been thinking about a pocket comb. i always picture those little black unbreakable combs like my grandpa always had, but i never actually see them (probably because they no longer exist? at least not on those yellow cardboard displays behind the cashier counter at the little store down the street). more recently, i have been wanting a switchblade comb. that's right. i said switchblade comb. what better place to find the exact weird and random thing you want most? why ebay, of course. instant gratification every time.

switchblade comb

switchblade comb

only two short days after clicking "buy it now", i am the owner of not one, not two, but six switchblade combs. of course, six switchblade combs for one girl does seem a bit excessive, but it was only a difference of three dollars to upgrade from one to six, and since i have only owned mine for about 16 hours and it has brought me so much joy already, my thought was that i am sure to run into someone who is having a gray day (or unkempt hair), and a switchblade comb that i will happen to have in my pocket or bag for just such occasions will surely brighten that person's day. yes, i am still talking about switchblade combs.

just look at how much fun it is...


the other four hundred and thirty-two reasons i am happy, you ask?
well, here are 300 hundred more...

wooden buttons

300 wooden buttons! that's right, folks. three hundred. because i love wood and i love buttons and i want to sew these onto everything.

okay, here are the other one hundred and thirty-two reasons...

miniature scissors!

ah hem-- yes, i now own one hundred and thirty-two miniature pairs of scissors. this was purely accidental. i was simply searching for "miniature" and hoping to perhaps find some large and very inexpensive lot of miniature dinosaurs or deer... but what did i find? thirty-three packages of vintage miniature scissors, unopened and only a total of four dollars and ninety-nine cents! what will i use one hundred and thirty-three pairs of miniature scissors for, you wonder? what won't i use them for?!

oh and ps- when i started yelling across the room ohmygodohmygodhomygodifoundonehundredandthirtythreepairsoftinyscissorsforfourdollarsandninetyninecents! across the room, manny's very calm and rational reply was "you need to be carfeul. if you put those on tags and someone with a little kid ends up with one, the kid might cut themselves..."

sorry, manny, but i had to share that.

(i suppose that makes four hundred and thirty-nine reasons why i am happy today)

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Brenda said...

Please tell me you still have these and would like to sell them. I have been looking for these everywhere for a project for my quilt guild. I first bought them at Michaels, but they no longer have them. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!