Sunday, October 12, 2008

sneak peek

here is a sneak peek at the album art i mentioned a while back. it is for the new album that the mural and the mint will be releasing soon. i can't show you the whole thing with the text and all just yet, because they have not officially released the album. this is just a flyer that manny put together for them for the listening party.

if you are in philadelphia, stop by. you can hear their new album, and manny and kyle will be playing records (which means lots of really good old soul music).

sunday october 19th at l'etage (6th & bainbridge)

and here is a photograph that i love. it is mike (who started the mural and the mint and is simon's dad) on the left and nichole (who is a dancer and choreographer and simon's mom) on the right, and simon (who inspired the drawing and a lot of the music and and is hilarious and brilliant) in the middle. manny took this last winter with his 4x5 camera. i am excited, because he has gotten back into using that camera, and the photos taken with that one are some of my favorites (and also i really like when he has to put that black cloth over himself because it kind of makes him seem like a magician).

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