Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the frank is alright! ruffles! schmruffles! and a clutch or two!

we woke up around dawn this morning, in order to get to the vet in time for a walk-in appointment for frank (my dog). after about four hours of waiting and one needle full of frank blood, she was declared perfectly healthy, even though the strangest of things happened last night. her legs did not work for about 6 hours. she would barely move and could hardly stand. but today she seems totally fine and is running and happy and her normal frank self and i am very relieved, but slightly skeptical.
in celebration of her good health, a very hilarious photo of post-surgery frank trying to eat a bone a few months back.

after the vet, it was back to the studio for some sewing and tag-making and then outside for some photo-taking. and back inside for some uploading and etsy-listing. and here it is, a little past midnight, but

i just finished updating my etsy shop with some new bags. lots of tough ruffles!

i will be sewing up a serious storm the next few days, so stay tuned for a serious update this monday.

and wish me luck in my preparations for the renegade craft fair. i am most totally excited and completely terrified about this event. and hopefully something magical like a few extra hours in each day until then to prepare will fall out of the sky!

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lissilulu said...

Hi Katie, I followed you over here from Etsy. Someone was featured on there and gave a link to your shop.

First off I am so glad your dog is doing well. I have a very old dog whose legs aren't doing so well so I know what a feeling it is to see your pooch like that.

Second off I love your style. I make handbags out of recycled furniture showroom samples. Lately though I have gotten back into designing little girls clothes. I love the cheerful colors.

A question for ya...
I have used thrifted belts in the past and have found some really cool ones but on the inside strap it has writing on it. Do you use those belts and has anyone said anything about the writing?

Here's my blog just so you don't feel like you are talking to the air.

Bookmarking you!
Be back soon,