Saturday, August 16, 2008

i love these guys, i cannot help it.

above: by thom lessner

anyone who was a customer during my employment at benna's cafe is very, very familiar with my love for the musical stylings or misters daryl hall and john oates. i love them i love them i love them i cannot stop myself even though just about everyone thinks that makes me a giant nerd. i have to say, though, they cheered me up so many mornings when i had to force myself out of bed at 5:30am when it was still dark and ride my bike in the dead of winter to open the cafe in the morning. all i had to do was press "play" and everything was suddenly happy. and i often caught even those who taunted me most humming or even singing along to their wonderful tunes. you love them, too. i know you do, even if you chose to keep that love a secret. i have to say thank you to pete miller, who was the only one who would admit to also loving them.

well, i have been listening to them quite often again lately and they still make me oh-so-happy.

above: by etchasketchist

i realize this has nothing to do with sewing, but i guess it kind of does because they make me smile, which equals motivation, which equals more sewing!

* AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER- i just need it to be known that "maneater" is, in my opinion, one of the worst songs i have ever heard. though i love these boys, i cannot like that song no matter how hard i try.

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