Monday, August 11, 2008

mondays are never this happy!

today started like most days.

but then i took a break from sewing to check the mail, and something so splendid happened.

i received such a lovely package all the way from canada from a very happy customer. we chatted back-and-forth quite a bit when we were planning her bag i made especially for her, and discovered we both love dinosaurs and riding bicycles and eating waffles.

i cannot explain how much this brightened my day and how much it made me smile. she sent me a little card with a sweet note, a small bag from somethings hiding in here, and a bag of her favorite tea, with a little scoop and two small reusable tea bags. these will come in very handy in my considerably-less-coffee phase of my life. i love everything! thank you so much, carly!

and now you should all listen to nancy sinatra sing "sugar town", so you can feel as happy as i do!

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