Thursday, August 21, 2008

selling like hotcakes

dear everyone,

thank you for supporting my little sewing endeavors and making it possible for me to sew and sew and be very happy every day and for helping me to not a be a waitress, even if only for a short while.

madebyhank has been very successful these past three months since opening an etsy shop, and i am very grateful everyday.

today i sold my ninety-fifth bag on etsy!

to celebrate and to show how much i appreciate everyone who has said kind and encouraging words about my little business, or purchased a bag, or told your friends about me or read this blog, i plan to have a special giveaway when i sell my one-hundredth bag. i will whip up something extra special and let you all know through a post on this little blog. so stay tuned!


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lover mother said...

I love reading your blog katie! I am so happy you are able to sew and love it.