Sunday, August 3, 2008

more totes.

totes. you know, for toting purposes. i updated my etsy shop just now with some new totes. i will be updating and re-stocking the shop quite frequently this week, so check back often. the totes i added today have tons of pockets for snacks and electronics and books and toys and everything you need during your busy days at work, school or play.

and can i just say that i am quite proud of myself for learning some small bits of technology recently. the boy in my life is visiting family in galicia, spain for three weeks. up until now i have been so spoiled. he does most things for me that involve technology or electronics, and he takes all of the photographs for madebyhank, because he is quite handy with cameras of all sorts. just before he left, he gave me a one-hour tutorial on how to format a disk for the camera, take a photograph, upload it, and get it ready for etsy.

that's right folks. i had no idea how to do any of these things until last week because i am pathetically behind the times. but in the interest of keeping the shop updated, i learned. which means i actually took the above photographs! by myself! (well, in all fairness the camera is set to automatic and i only know how to do about three simple actions on photoshop, but for me that is HUGE.)

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Anonymous said...

YES! you are the fastes learner ever! the new totes look beautiful and the photographs RULE! way to go! xo!