Wednesday, July 30, 2008

clipped, padded, and magnetized

pictured above is the interior of a bag i made for a very great lady named sarah (who happens to make lovely jewelry).

as i mentioned briefly in an earlier post, i have been making small changes to the bags i make lately. well, not so much changes as additions-- making them even better! madebyhank bags now have more pockets than usual. i have also taken to sewing extra somethings into the interior of each bag, in the form of clips and d-rings. both are great for clipping on wallets, small pouches, keys, toys, etc., making your bag more organized, and your stuff easier to get to!

and if you take a close look, you will notice a magnetic snap. i am adding these to the interior of the tote-style bags i have been working on the past few weeks, to keep everything securely inside.

and, of course, the shoulder pads. i am so happy about these that i wanted to mention them again as well. i have been adding them to the larger bags that have leather handles, to give hard-working shoulders a little treat.

ps- i used to try every which way of photographing the interior of my bags so i could show the fabrics/pockets on the inside, and the photos were always so awkward and dark. and then a few weeks back i realized the silliest thing-- TO TURN IT INSIDE OUT! i just did it one day when we were in the middle of photographing. and i felt like such a doofus for not thinking of it earlier!

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cake. said...

ahhhhhh NO SNAAAPPPSSS!!! bad pickley memories!