Tuesday, July 15, 2008

speaking of piping

one of the things i wrote on my to-do-list was to "completely indulge in piping obsession." and that is exactly what i have been doing pretty much all day, everyday. i love this stuff! it makes sewn things look so finished. it makes their curvy parts curve so nicely curved. and it just makes so so darn happy for some reason. i made three gifts for some friends of mine involving lots of piping, but i will post details and photographs about those tomorrow after they have received them, just in case they happen to see this.

in the meantime, i made this little beauty yesterday. and she is available in my etsy shop today!

so much piping, so many pockets, white on navy with little wooden buttons. what more could you ask for.

1 comment:

cake. said...

holy CRAP that is beautiful.