Friday, July 11, 2008

the icing on the cake

one of the best things about our visit to savannah was getting to spend some time with whitney [and jonathan]. this is one pretty lady and she makes very beautiful necklaces that are knot necklaces.

my favorite is the pale grey "icing" color.

the best part? she wants me to make her a backpack. and she wants to trade one of her beautiful necklaces for said backpack. that makes me one very happy lady. because (a) i love these things and (b) because i need to start making backpacks again, and this is just the motivation i need. what should said backpack look like?

well, whitney says "i like spacey stuff. you can interpret that however you want. that sounds silly, but it's true. i like grays, whites and mustard yellows that you have. the fabric can be prints too. it doesn't have to be solid color." i am giving myself one week from today to make this dream a reality.

check out her blog. she does have a serious love for spacey things.

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