Thursday, July 24, 2008

happy savannah

a few days ago, we had a going-away get together for katie kane. this lady on the fast track toward becoming a serious grown-up. she is moving to savannah in a few weeks to attend grad school as a fibers major at the savannah college of art and design. sheldon (her turtle she has had since the sixth grade) and twenty-twenty (her catdogbestfriend) will be moving along with her.

i made pizza (dough from scratch). one of them, of course, had mangoes and caramelized onions and chili powder (my favorite pizza).

i also made the first ice cream cake of my life. making an ice cream cake is much trickier than it looks, folks (especially when it is about 103 degrees outside!). under the icing, there are three layers of chocolate cake, one layer of chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream, one layer of peanut butter, one layer of crushed up chocolate chip cookies, and one layer of crushed graham crackers. the top is chocolate ganache swirled with peanut butter and the sides are covered in crushed graham crackers (to hide the fact that the icing would not stick to the parts where the ice cream was showing). no dairy for me folks, so the whole thing was vegan.

as you can see, the ice cream started to ooze out of the side in one spot during the trip across the city to the party. but the results were pretty yummy!

lots of cake, lots of pizza, lots of watermelon, lots of guacamole, and lots of good folks to talk to. my kind of party.

katie kane likes cats, patterns and prints, rabbit banks, a very particular shade of bright bright blue, brownies, ice cream, shoes, jip en janneke, and dancing.

she makes lovely things of all sorts.

above: "this will be our year" by katie kane. micron, pencil, screenprint and watercolor.

take a look at her blog,

good luck in savannah, katie kane!


cake. said...

ahh thank you for everything! i leave in one week and i'm so nervous i want to barf! you dudes {and dog} have to come visit and make me pizza!

Tom Boutell said...

Lord that makes me hungry!