Sunday, July 13, 2008

she even has a great name

so, one of the best parts about attending renegade chicago is that the lovely meredith m. grant, who lives in chicago, has offered to be our host. this is one charming and talented lady who is every bit as classy as her name-- not to mention her great haircuts. please take a look at her photographs on her website.

also, check out her etsy shop, where some prints of her photographs (which i LOVE) are available.

above: "middle c" by: meredith m. grant

above: "darling companion" by meredith m. grant

hopefully we will have some time to explore chicago, eat snacks together and chat a bit after all the craze of the craft fair is over.

ps- here is a very charming snapshot that her boyfriend took of her madebyhank package on her bed, safely guarded by her stuffed pig, pierre, because she was out of town when it arrived.

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