Monday, July 14, 2008

i am totally a dog nerd.

when frank (short for frances houseman), first entered my life, i purchased a puppia brand cloth harness for her (in camo print). her head is a bit small, so if she wanted, she was able to pull out of the harness front. since the first day she wore it, i have been meaning to alter it to fit her better to avoid her pulling out of it (we live in the city, and she has no fear of moving cars).

so this past friday, i finally did it! but instead of altering the old one, i made her a whole new one so it would fit her perfectly and she could have some bright colors to wear for the rest of summer.

i like it so much that i might make some for my etsy shop.
i need some smaller clips, though. does anyone know a good source for such things? the white one i used was a leftover from my backpack-making days and is a bit larger than it should be. i will be experimenting over the next few weeks to see what i can come up with.

i spent the rest of the day answering emails, updating my website, packaging etsy orders and dropping them at the post office, and cleaning and organizing the studio.

ps- i think i have these yummy homemade blueberry waffles i made friday morning to thank for my surge of creativity and motivation that day.


Anonymous said...

that harness is amazing. do you think you could make a heavy-duty one for Louis? I've been looking for a new one that doesn't chafe the area under his front legs and on his chest.

Anonymous said...

omg! i love that! dexter and anthony need one!xoxoxoxox heather