Thursday, July 10, 2008

thursday at sweet jane

so thursday i spent the day working at a very lovely little shop in south philly called sweet jane. this place is wonderful. they sell vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories for girls and for boys and a whole wall of records any collector would drool over. seriously folks, if you haven't been there yet, go right now. and stop by frequently, they are always finding new finds.

1742 E. passyunk.

also, they feature a new philadelphia artist each month for a first friday event, and they invited me to be september's featured artist. and these folks know how to throw a party. yummy snacks and drinks and a different dj spinning the best tunes.

july's featured artist is my boyfriend and favorite person, manuel dominguez, jr. his work is currently on display until the end of next week, so head over right now. take a look at their cutiepie vintage clothing and records and check out manny's beautiful photographs and maybe even purchase one while you can before he is famous.

(photo by manuel dominguez,jr.)

(photo by manuel dominguez, jr.)

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