Thursday, July 17, 2008

good things happen in philadelphia everyday, i promise.

just look at fabric horse!

for a tiny company, they sure do a whole lot! i am pretty sure the company is just two or three [very talented, very busy] main ladies (at least one of whom is a re-load alumnus) and an intern here and there. they work out of a studio located on north third street in philadelphia, and their ridiculously awesome utility belts can be seen all over philadelphia, and have even made their way as far as japan!

they also make spats(!), bags, and even costumes and headpieces.

another great thing about fabric horse? they are all about re-using, reducing and upcycling (not to mention BICYCLING!).
from their blog:

"But did you know all the webbing Fabric Horse uses for these things (and for the utility belts, 59rs, seatbelt bags, basically whenever possible) are ripped from old cars in junk yards?

Yep, just so you know, by supporting FH you are also supporting the reuse and recycle of materials along with the reduction in waste. We also use scraps saved from the trash cans of RELoad Bags, and really, you would be surprised where else we get fabric from."

to find them in philadelphia, visit conspiracy showroom, firehouse bicycles, reload baggage east, or topstitch boutique (311 market street, phila.)

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