Wednesday, August 6, 2008

top secret so far

i have been focusing most of my energies on making bags these past few months, but there is this other thing that i do as well. i make little sewn drawings, mostly inspired by old photographs, of people with animal heads.

i have not written much this past week because i have been working on two secret projects. i cannot share images of the actual projects yet, because one is a wedding invitation that has not yet been mailed out. and just in case anyone actually reads this blog, i would not want to take away the surprise.

the other project is designing the cover and track list for the mural and the mint's new album. the mural and the mint is a musical project started by mike kiley. they are amazing people and musicians. you can listen to mike tell you a bit about the project here. you can (and should!) listen to their music here.

i promise to share the results as soon as i can!

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