Thursday, August 28, 2008

when i was a teenager...

...and i had only recently moved to this lovely city called philadelphia, i worked in a very terrible restaurant owned by very evil people that i do not care to mention. but one of the few good parts about this job was two of my favorite customers, joseph and jay.

now that i am a grown up, joseph and i drink beers and talk about life and encourage each other to stop being idiots. we figured out the other day that he is my oldest friend.

eight years later joseph has a very different haircut, but the very same very great job. joseph and jay are serious grown-ups and OSBX is a company they started back then. it has since made the pair very successful and they have had lots of adventures along the way, which i very much enjoying hearing stories of.

anyway, joseph told me about a commercial they were making for bassetts ice cream about a guy who loves bassetts ice cream so much that his girlfriend suggests he should marry it. so he commissioned me to make a [literally] pint-sized veil.

and here it is...

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Danielle said...

Short & Sweet... kudos on the wedding veil!